Research Advisory Committee

The Foundation has gathered academic, industry, and government thought leaders from fields including focused ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, cancer treatment, and focal drug delivery to serve on its Research Advisory Committee.

This group is tasked with ensuring that the Foundation’s External Research Awards Program supports catalytic research, creates awareness of focused ultrasound technology and techniques, and advances innovative clinical applications of focused ultrasound. 

Members of the Research Advisory Committee (RAC)

Jean-Francois Aubry, PhDInstitut Langevin
Michael Bronskill, PhDSunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Alexander Bystritsky, MDUCLA
Lawrence Crum, PhDUniversity of Washington
Keyvan Farahani, PhDNational Cancer Institute
Katherine Ferrara, PhDStanford University
Hidemi Furusawa, MDBreastopia Namba Hospital, Japan
Wladyslaw Gedroyc, MDSt. Mary’s Hospital, Imperial College London
Mark Hurwitz, MDThomas Jefferson University Hospital
Joo Ha Hwang, MD, PhDStanford University
Gail ter Haar PhDInstitute of Cancer Research, London
Dan Leksell, MDElekta
King Li, MDUniversity of Illinois
Ram Liebenthal, MScHeidelberg Engineering Inc.
Jay Loeffler, MDMassachusetts General Hospital
Russell Lonser, MDOhio State University
Dade Lunsford, MDUniversity of Pittsburgh
Yoav Medan, PhDIsrael Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel
David Newell, MDSeattle Neurosciences 
Dennis Parker, PhDUniversity of Utah
Kim Butts Pauly, PhDStanford University
Peter Scardino, MD, FACSMemorial Sloan Kettering
Sham Sokka, PhDPhilips Healthcare
Howard Soule, PhDProstate Cancer Foundation
Jacques Souquet, PhDSupersonic Imagine
Evan Unger, MDUniversity of Arizona
Graeme Woodworth, MDUniversity of Maryland
Seung-Schik Yoo, PhD, MBAHarvard Medical School
Eyal Zadicario, MScInsightec