Matt Eames

Position:Director, Extramural Research and FUS Scholars


Matt Eames, PhD, joined the Foundation in December 2009. As the Director of Extramural Research, Dr. Eames runs the Foundation’s General Awards Program – an investigator-initiated and peer-reviewed research funding track – and manages the peer review and funding process for the Foundation’s technical, preclinical, and clinical trial Awards Programs. His research experience in ultrasound physics and transducer design and modeling allows him to form collaborative relationships with members of the ultrasound industry and research communities who share a common interest in advancing the field of focused ultrasound. Dr. Eames earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Vanderbilt University and his PhD from the University of Virginia, both in Biomedical Engineering, and maintains an appointment at the University of Virginia Department of Radiology as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Research.