Words From 2016 Award Winners


awards hynynen 300Visionary Award – Kullervo Hynynen, PhD
In his acceptance speech, Dr. Hynynen shared the findings that inspired him to pursue the study of FUS along with the important milestones of his 30-year career. With all that has been accomplished, he noted that there is much more to do, especially in understanding all of the tissue interactions. He emphasized that FUS is the only completely non-invasive interventional technology that can reach deep into the brain, that its limits need to be pushed with new technologies, that reimbursement is key for clinical adoption, and that the future is very exciting for both basic and clinical scientists.

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awards mcdannold 300Ferenc Jolesz Memorial Award – Nathan McDannold, PhD
After accepting the award, Dr. McDannold presented research from his recent project using Insightec’s new low frequency system. The study goals were to increase the brain treatment envelope, evaluate for cavitation effects, and determine the mechanism behind the formation of lesions. He and his team found a linear relationship between acoustic energy and temperature rise, effective disruption of the blood-brain barrier, and histology results consistent with a thermal mechanism of action. The blood vessels in the sonication area remained intact. WATCH THE VIDEO >

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