Women in Focused Ultrasound Initiative Helps Student with Job Shadowing Experience


Key Points

  • A Brigham Young University student was able to gain job shadowing experience thanks to the Foundation’s initiative.
  • Viola Rieke, PhD, at the University of Utah invited the student to observe focused ultrasound experiments in the laboratory.
  • The Foundation’s Women in Focused Ultrasound group is open to all.

Megan KnightWhen a freshman from Brigham Young University (BYU) in Provo, Utah, inquired about job shadowing experiences for biomedical engineering, the Foundation’s Women in Focused Ultrasound Group activated its network to create a memorable experience.

Megan Knight is a first-year student at BYU. She contacted a Foundation staff member to inquire about a job shadowing experience that was required in one of her classes. The assignment was to spend a day with a professional in your field of interest. For Megan, the field was biomedical engineering.

Several members of the Women in Focused Ultrasound group responded with ideas and input, recommending Viola Rieke, PhD, at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Megan spent the day observing Dr. Rieke, who was conducting experiments in the laboratory.

“She decided to spend the day with me and my team doing a preclinical experiment for our low back pain study,” said Dr. Rieke. “We were able to provide the experience of how a multidisciplinary team works together on an MR-guided focused ultrasound large animal experiment to investigate the use of focused ultrasound neuromodulation of the dorsal root ganglion for pain relief.”

“The experience was incredibly interesting. I was amazed at how well the research team worked together and impressed by how Dr. Rieke managed the entire process,” said Megan. “During the experiments, problems would arise. Dr. Rieke would systematically develop a solution for each problem. I discovered that I would love doing the experiments, but I know that I would dislike writing grant applications.”

Thank you, Dr. Rieke and the entire team at the University of Utah, for providing this memorable experience for Megan. Together we can continue to inspire the next generation.

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