Webinar Report: Human Transcranial Ultrasound Stimulation


Key Points

  • The University of Toronto’s Dr. Anton Fomenko described human transcranial focused ultrasound stimulation (TUS) research for neuromodulation.
  • The webinar covered designing and implementing experiments using single-transducer TUS neuromodulation and highlighted available commercial systems.

Dr. Anton Fomenko, a neurosurgery resident and PhD candidate from the University of Toronto, presented an overview of contemporary human transcranial focused ultrasound stimulation (TUS) research as a form of neuromodulation.

The goal of the webinar was to provide an overview of the basic principles when designing and implementing single-transducer TUS neuromodulation experiments in humans. TUS has the advantages of being an incision-free, spatially specific, and deep targeting modality with bimodal effects.

Several manufacturers currently make commercially available systems that perform TUS neuromodulation using various parameters:

  • Brainsonix Corporation BX Pulsar with proprietary low-intensity focused ultrasound pulsation (LIFUP)
  • Storz Medical NeuroLith with neuronavigation software for targeting (CE marked)
  • BrainBox NeuroFUS powered by Sonic Concepts using low-intensity, pulsed TUS

Although MRI guidance is not needed for TUS, the Brainsonix device is MRI compatible and safe to use near a transcranial magnetic stimulation coil. Brainbox also recently found its system to be safe within the MRI with no artifacts while targeting the nucleus accumbens. MRI compatibility with TUS systems could prove important for confirming accuracy in targeting and effectiveness for biologic effects.

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Dr. Fomenko is currently training under Professors Andres Lozano and Robert Chen at the University of Toronto.

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