Watch Now: Webinar on Patent Strategy for Business Leaders


On Tuesday, October 27, Rick Hamilton presented a webinar on patent strategy for business leaders. Participants learned how to mitigate business risks and leverage innovation investments. Hamilton also discussed how business goals help answer the questions, “why patent,” “what to patent,” and “how to patent.”

Patent Strategy for Business Leaders

Rick Hamilton 
Vice President and Senior Distinguished Engineer





About the Speaker

With expertise in Cloud, Internet-of-Things technologies, and Artificial Intelligence, Rick Hamilton is an Optum Vice President and Senior Distinguished Engineer, and formerly the most prolific inventor in IBM history. He is currently recognized as the 14th most prolific inventor in world history, with over 1,000 issued US patents. Rick now works broadly across UnitedHealth Group’s strategic imperatives, including machine learning, genomics, blockchain, IoT, and cybersecurity, to help people live healthier lives and make healthcare work better. He is a graduate of the University of Tennessee, Southern Methodist University, and the University of Texas.