Visiting Scholars Work to Accelerate the Field of Focused Ultrasound


Key Points

  • This fall, an intern and a visiting scholar joined the Foundation and took different approaches toward the same goal of advancing the field of focused ultrasound.
  • Visiting scholar Yi-Hsiu Chen gained preclinical and clinical research experience that will help further the focused ultrasound program at her hospital in Taiwan.
  • Fall intern Imogen Hequet explored machine learning and its intersection with focused ultrasound.

Yi-Hsiu Chen is pursuing her PhD in Neuroscience at National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University/Taipei Veterans General Hospital. She joined the Foundation this fall as a short-term research scholar to gain experience that she will take back to her team in Taiwan to help further their focused ultrasound program. During her time at the Foundation, Yi-Hsiu observed preclinical studies and clinical treatments at the University of Virginia and the University of Maryland. Learn More About Her Experience

“My experience [at the Foundation was] so amazing,” recalls Yi-Hsiu. “I met so many people here and discussed the research they were interested in and the next step of focused ultrasound research in our hospital in Taiwan. I have learned a lot from people I met here.”

Imogen Hequet, a recent graduate of Imperial College of London, worked with the Foundation’s chief technology officer, Rick Hamilton, to explore machine learning and the role that it could play in medicine, specifically in the field of focused ultrasound. Learn More About Her Project

“Hopefully something I have done during my internship will help to open conversations about machine learning and areas where it could add value in focused ultrasound,” says Imogen.