Veterinary Collaboration Will Advance Affordable Focused Ultrasound Solutions


Key Points

  • Two Cyprus-based organizations are partnering to bring focused ultrasound research to veterinary clinics.  
  • Researchers will use the technology to treat sarcomas and mammary tumors in companion dogs and cats.
  • The project received a generous grant from the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation. 

A new veterinary venture is aiming to bring effective and affordable focused ultrasound solutions for oncology therapies to the veterinary clinic. The project, called FUSVET, is a collaboration between VET EX MACHINA, a Cyprus-based preclinical contract research organization led by veterinary surgeon Kyriakos Spanoudes, and the Therapeutic Ultrasound Laboratory at Cyprus University of Technology, led by Professor Christakis Damianou. 

The project will further explore Prof. Damianou’s focused ultrasound research to address sarcomas and mammary tumors in companion canines and felines. His pilot clinical trial using focused ultrasound to treat mammary cancer was recently published in Ultrasonics

“FUSVET aims to bring affordable focused ultrasound devices to the veterinary clinic, offering a viable complement to current therapeutic modalities,” said Prof. Damianou. “There is a lack of advanced therapeutic options available to veterinarians in regions with no access to veterinary referral hospitals.” 

The project is funded by a €500,000 grant from the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation (SEED/1221/0080).