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UVA Focused Ultrasound Center Receives an Additional $1.5M in State Funding


The Focused Ultrasound Foundation’s first designated Center of Excellence at the University of Virginia will be receiving an added $1.5 million for research over two years from the Commonwealth of Virginia. As a participant in the public-private partnership that created the UVA Center in 2009, the Commonwealth had previously provided $4 million in support.

“The accomplishments of the UVA Focused Ultrasound Center over the past few years have placed the Commonwealth of Virginia on the cutting edge of medical innovation,” observes Delegate William J. Howell, Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates. “We want this momentum to continue and to ultimately equate to economic growth in Virginia and improved healthcare for our citizens and for people everywhere.”

The multi-disciplinary UVA Center is recognized for its pioneering work in developing new ultrasound treatments for essential tremor and other brain conditions. It has been a hub for international collaborations and has attracted substantial philanthropic support and NIH funding.

“We are grateful for this added funding from the Commonwealth. It will enable us to expand and speed up our most important research efforts,” noted UVA’s James Larner, MD, professor and chair of Radiation Oncology and director of the Focused Ultrasound Center. “Thousands of patients have expressed interest in participating in our clinical trials, so we know there are large unmet medical needs that our focused ultrasound research may help address.”