Update: Focused Ultrasound Patient Doris McArdle Still in the Swing of Life at Age 91


During a June 2 golf tournament, 91-year-old Doris McArdle stepped up to the tee and took a full swing, typical of her approach to life. Nineteen months ago, McArdle was struggling with acute pain and discomfort caused by a large benign pancreatic tumor. Thanks to a series of fortuitous events and a vast amount of personal courage, she travelled to St. Mary’s Hospital in London where she received focused ultrasound treatment on a compassionate care basis. READ MORE

Although she did not play an entire round of golf, McArdle totally enjoyed the outing, which was a fundraiser for the Janice McArdle Cancer Research Foundation. The McArdle Foundation is a supporter of the Focused Ultrasound Foundation and a donor to Foundation-sponsored clinical trials for metastatic brain tumors.