Therapeutic Ultrasound Course (MOOC) Now Available Online


UPDATE: Starting September 13, 2023, this MOOC HIFU will only be available on a brand new platform. You will find all the details of the connecting procedure on the Registration page , to first “Create your account” and then “Register to the MOOC” to access all the materials available on the platform. Note that the participants who initially registered on Claroline will only have to first “Create your account” on the new platform by using the same e-mail with which they registered.

The Laboratory of Therapeutic Applications of Ultrasound (LabTAU) – in collaboration with the Foundation – recently launched the first presentation in its Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) dedicated to therapeutic ultrasound.

MOOCs are free online courses that provide a flexible way to learn new skills or become familiar with a new topic.

This MOOC is targeted toward physicians, students, and patients who are interested in learning about the clinical and technical research in the field of focused ultrasound. World renowned experts in the field will provide 12 unique presentations covering a variety of topics such as technical explanations of various focused ultrasound applications and clinical case presentations.

Throughout the upcoming year, a new course will become available each month. The first course – “Neurological disorders treated by HIFU” by W. Jeffrey Elias, MD – is available now.

The complete list of experts taking part in the MOOC is as follows:

  • Florent Aptel, MD, PhD | CHU Grenoble, France
  • W. Jeffrey Elias, MD | University of Virginia, USA
  • Bruno Quesson, PhD | IHU Lyric, France
  • Alexander Carpentier, MD, PhD | Carthera, France
  • Pejman Ghanouni, MD, PhD | Stanford University, USA
  • Oleg Sapozhnikov, PhD | Moscow State University, Russia
  • Sébastien Crouzet, MD, PhD | Hospices Civils de Lyon, France
  • Chrit Moonen, PhD | UMC Utrecht, the Netherlands
  • Gail ter Haar, PhD | The Institute of Cancer Research, UK
  • Lawrence Crum, PhD | University of Washington, USA
  • Franco Orsi, MD, PhD | European Institute of Oncology, Italy    
  • Shin-ichiro Umemura, PhD | Tohoku University, Japan

Each course concludes with a short self-assessment quiz to help reiterate the important learning points. There is also an open forum to promote discussion and additional resources to support the course curriculum.

In 2017, LabTau was named one of the Foundation’s Centers of Excellence, indicating that it is one of the world’s luminary sites for focused ultrasound.

“The idea of the MOOC came about because, as part of LabTau’s responsibility as a Center of Excellence, we must provide educational opportunities to help promote and grow the field,” explains Cyril Lafon, PhD, Director of LabTAU. “Our hope is that the MOOC will appeal to people from various backgrounds, and it will help introduce the field of therapeutic ultrasound to a wide audience.”

The MOOC is free of charge and available online for one year on the University of Lyon’s educational platform Claroline. It may automatically appear in French, but you can select your prefered language by clicking on the box (FR) at the bottom right of the page.