2018 Summer Interns Take on Diverse Projects


Now in its seventh year, the Foundation’s summer internship program welcomed seven students to complete a wide variety of projects. This year’s team included more non-technical interns than in previous years. The group worked on everything from graphic design to the newly launched FUS Partners Program to more technical projects like 3D printed acoustic lenses and using software to automate and simplify research.

Earlier this year, the Foundation’s internship program – which encompasses both local and global interns – was named in memory of Board of Directors member Charles Steger, PhD. The Foundation’s summer technical internships are generously funded by the Claude Moore Charitable Foundation. The Claude Moore Summer Internship Program of the Charles Steger Focused Ultrasound Internship Program is designed to foster interest in focused ultrasound technology among the next generation of researchers.

Meet the 2018 Interns

George Brown
University of Virginia, Class of 2019
FUS Partners Program

Graham Keeley
Brown University, Class of 2021
Transcranial ultrasound focusing using customizable printed lenses

Lola Manning
Charlottesville High School, Class of 2019
Development and Communications

Mailys Nier
Laboratory of Therapeutic Applications of Ultrasound (LabTAU), Lyon, France
Graphic Design, Focused Ultrasound MOOC

Marysia Serafin
University of Virginia, Class of 2019
Closed-loop instrument control for preclinical FUS research

Kate Snell
Virginia Commonwealth University, Class of 2018
Salesforce Data Efficacy, General Admin

Runmeng Zhai
University of Virginia, Class of 2018
Statistical analysis of tumor growth after focused ultrasound Sonodynamic Therapy
Microbubble visualization and brain tumor type classification