2014 Summer Interns Zack Larrabee and Farhan Qureshi

Interns Zack and Farhan

Project: Thermochromic Phantom

Overview & Goal: The goal of our project was to create an easy-to-use daily quality assurance device that could calibrate ultrasound transducers. The device shows a visual representation of whether or not the ultrasound transducer is working correctly, by changing color due to the heating caused by beams of focused ultrasound energy.

Results/Findings/Outcome: We developed a proof-of-concept physical model that visualized power output when sonicated with an ultrasound transducer. We also developed code to predictably model this behavior, both numerically and visually. Now, we need to the physical device and optimize parameters with a transducer that has been calibrated to confirm the accuracy of the code.

Intern Zack Larrabee“I learned a lot about ultrasound physics, operated an MR machine and a FUS machine, and enjoyed applying my skills to the thermochromic phantom project.” – Zack, on his experience as a FUSF intern

One of the most important things this internship has given me is a better picture of how engineering and science work. We began with an idea, then modeled it with a computer, then purchased materials and ed it. It was very interesting to experience how the project developed. – Zack, on an important learning point of his internship

Intern Farhan Qureshi“The most important learning point in the internship was working with our mentors, especially with Jean-Francois Aubry. Working with Dr. Aubry was a great learning experience, as he is one of the leading ultrasound researchers in the world.” – Farhan, on an important learning point of his internship

“It has strengthened my wish to become a clinician-scientist in the future, because it has shown me how both the clinical and research aspects of medicine are focused to better the lives of people.” – Farhan, on how the internship affected his career plans