2019 Summer Intern Report: Sam Clinard


Sam ClinardBackground
University of Virginia, Class of 2019, Physics

Hometown: Warrenton, Virginia

Acoustic Intensity Measurement System 

Project Goal
The primary goal of this project was to automate the acquisition of an acoustic intensity field. This was previously done manually, which was very time consuming. Secondary goals include more advanced measurement options, such as finding the maximum intensity within a volume. (Sam worked with Hannah DeVore on this project.)

Why were you initially interested in working for the Foundation?
I thought this would be a good experience to transition from a more theoretical physics-based background to applied physics in medicine. In addition, I find focused ultrasound to be one of the most exciting and innovative technologies to work with in medicine. The foundational physics is fascinating while the wide range of applications ensures our research will be influential.

Share some thoughts on your experience as an intern at the Foundation.
The majority of my time was spent in the lab working on the devices interface. I have become a much better MATLAB programmer. I’d say a highlight for me was the guest lecturers. The Foundation is leading the field, and as such, many experts came and presented lectures on various aspects of focused ultrasound. It was great to get an introduction to this incredible technology from top researchers.

How has your internship affected your career plans?
I think this experience will be a valuable addition to my resume both in applying to jobs in the industry and to graduate school. It has confirmed my desire to apply my knowledge of physics in medical applications. Furthermore, I hope that throughout my career, I’ll be able to work with or at least be a strong advocate for focused ultrasound and the Foundation.