2019 Summer Intern Report: Nikolai Majorin


Nikolai MajorinBackground
George Mason University, Class of 2020, Information Technology

Hometown: Charlottesville, Virginia

Munki managed software center and build a world clock for the Foundation

Project Goal
The goal of Munki was to create a safe and user friendly way for Mac OS users at the office to request, download, and update software on their foundation-owned machines. The goal of the world clock was to create a professional looking clock with multiple time zones that are important to the Foundation while being several thousand dollars less expensive than what was available for purchase.

Why were you initially interested in working for the Foundation?
A family member works at the Foundation and explained the fascinating work that is being done there.

Share some thoughts on your experience as an intern at the Foundation.
Every day was a new and exciting experience for me. I was constantly challenged to learn new material and to strengthen my understanding by building upon the foundation that I already had.

How has your internship affected your career plans?
My internship strengthened my confidence in my career choice by giving me valuable experience in my field.

What are your upcoming plans?
As I continue to work toward my degree over the next year, I hope to return here next summer to continue my work.