2019 Summer Intern Report: Jackie Brenner


BS/MD 7-Year Medical Program with Penn State and Thomas Jefferson Sidney Kimmel Medical College, Class of 2025

Hometown: Boca Raton, Florida

Effects of Anesthesia with Focused Ultrasound in Glioblastoma

Project Goal
My project directly relates to the effects of anesthesia on focused ultrasound treatments in brain tumors and could affect additional preclinical and clinical studies.

Why were you initially interested in working for the Foundation?
I have been hearing about the Foundation for a few years from my mom who works there and is so excited every time she talks about the FUSF. I was so lucky to have the opportunity to see first-hand where she actually works and even luckier to perform research in a FUS lab so now we can talk about it at the dinner table and I will actually understand her!

Share some thoughts on your experience as an intern at the Foundation.
The Foundation internship allowed me work at the Price Lab at UVA where I met amazing people that inspired me to enter the medical field. Everyone at the Price lab is extremely kind and willing to share their knowledge and opinions. My mentor, Natasha Sheybani, is extremely smart and motivated. She taught me so much more than I could read in a book such as how to critically think about questions and analyze data. My time with her was a 12 out of a top score of 10!

How has your internship affected your career plans?
It has made me realize that a physician also needs to be a scientist in order to take the best care of their patients. I will continue to develop my skills in order to critically evaluate research and decide what treatments are best for my patients.

What are your upcoming plans? What is your dream job?
In the next year, I will be at school full time but hope to contribute to the writing of a paper or creating a poster with research from this summer. In the next few years, I hope to continue with focused ultrasound research during the summers and during medical school in Philadelphia as there is a track to do research along with the curriculum. I can envision myself as an interventional neuroradiologist who uses focused ultrasound and other technologies to treat various diseases. I truly believe focused ultrasound is a therapy that will be used in so many areas of the body but I LOVE the brain!