2018 Summer Intern: Marysia Serafin


Marysia Serafin
University of Virginia, Class of 2019

Project: Closed-loop instrument control for preclinical FUS research

Marysia smProject Goal & Overview
This summer I mostly used MATLAB, a modelling and data acquisition software, to obtain readings from laboratory instruments. The goal of my project was to connect instruments through MATLAB to make focused ultrasound experiments repeatable and more controlled in the future.

I was able to successfully connect the instruments to MATLAB, and now data can be automatically – as opposed to manually – collected during experimentation. I learned a great deal more about MATLAB and data acquisition in research.

Why were you interested in working for the Foundation?
I hope to work in the medical field after graduation. Humans are always going to need help, and I believe that, as an engineer, it’s the best way I can help people. I want to make an impact and know that my work has bettered someone’s life.

How could your project affect the field of focused ultrasound?
Hopefully my work will make future experiments quicker and easier for the researchers, and allow for data to be obtained more quickly and accurately. This will speed up their research and make post processing of the data easier.