2018 Summer Intern: Graham Keeley


Graham Keeley

Brown University, Class of 2021

Project: Transcranial ultrasound focusing using customizable printed lenses

Graham smProject Goal & Overview
We planned to create a direct, 3D-printed acoustic lens that could be designed for an individual patient’s skull. The lens would lay flush against the transcranial treatment array and compensate for varying skull thicknesses. If this disposable-lens method proves comparable to the current phase-delay approach, it could enable the use of less expensive, single-element transducers for transcranial focused ultrasound. The goal for the summer was to prove through hydrophone scanning that the printed lens could create a focus through the skull as sharp as currently used methods.

We found that the printed lens created a sharper focus through the skull than the focus created with no corrections. This result is promising but needs more tests for verification.

What was your most important learning experience as an intern?
Working at the Foundation and on my project in particular exposed me to a variety of useful programs including MATLAB, Fusion 360, 3D Slicer, and various 3D printing software. Being able to move seamlessly through these different programs to achieve my final product was an important learning point.

How could your project affect the field of focused ultrasound?
If the 3D-printed lens I designed works as intended, the lens would decrease manufacturing costs for the transcranial transducer system.