2016 Summer Intern: Changzhu Jin


Jeju National University, South Korea 

Project: Developing an elegant graphical user interface (GUI) for closed loop control of pulsed focused ultrasound sonication based on MRgFUS system

Changzhu1 300Project Goal and Overview
Previously, the closed loop controller was developed using a high-level programing language that gives the developer easier access during initial project development. After using this software for several pre-clinical experiments, we realized it is not appropriate for larger projects. Thus, we decided to develop a new controller GUI using a lower-level programing language which not only contains same features as the previous version but also provides more flexibility and expandability. Furthermore, we wanted to add new features which allow the user to access more information of the experiment.

The functionality of the new control GUI (such as temperature map calculation based on MR thermometry, the thermal dose mapping, and the PI controller) was verified using the log data from previous experiments. Several additional functions were added, such as new thermal dose mapping figures, a colored max temperature tracker with ROI window, and control buttons. We also confirmed the control GUI can generate an electrical control signal to implement closed-loop control.

“My internship experience made me realize that it is never too late to learn something new, and I really appreciate the Foundation’s support.” -on the most important learning point of his internship experience

“This well-designed, closed loop control GUI could be implemented in future studies that require the sonication to be controlled and maintained at a certain temperature or thermal dose. The clear structure of this GUI also provides high flexibility for further development.” -on how his accomplishments will impact the field of focused ultrasound

“Meeting with the experts from all over the world during their visits to the Foundation has provided me with a lot of new knowledge that I could not have gained elsewhere. [The opportunity] is worth much more than reading dozens of their papers!” -on how the internship has affected his career plans

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