2021 Summer Intern Report: Jack Snell

Jack Snell

Piedmont Virginia Community College, Graduate of the Class of 2020

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) Knee Phantom

Project Overview
The goal of the HIFU knee phantom project was to create a realistic knee made from 3D printing and molding that could be used to test or showcase the effects of HIFU treatment. Ultimately, the phantom could be used to test the accuracy of HIFU treatments and/or showcase HIFU treatments to the public.

Project Outcomes
I was able to create the models and 3D print the bones and the mold for the knee phantom. I used gelatin to simulate the flesh. We also added thermochromic paint to portions of the bones that will change color when affected by HIFU heating.

What was the most important learning point of your internship experience?
Learning to use different software development programs, specifically Unity and Fusion 360, was the most important thing I learned during my internship.

How will your accomplishments impact the field of focused ultrasound?
Both of my projects (the NaviFUS virtual reality simulation and the HIFU knee phantom) were designed with education and testing in mind. Helping to inform and educate the public about the medical applications of focused ultrasound is one of the primary goals of the Foundation, and my projects will be useful towards that end.

What is one tip that you would give 2022 summer interns?
Write out a plan for your summer project. List out each step in your project’s development and try to get at least one thing done each day, even if it’s small. This will ensure that your time at the Foundation is optimally productive and rewarding.

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