2021 Summer Intern Report: Isabella Berkeley

Isabella Berkeley

Baruch College, Class of 2023

Telemedicine and Telesurgery State of the Field

Project Overview
My project involved researching the current state of telemedicine/telesurgery, how 5G networking is involved, and the current advantages and drawbacks regarding telemedicine/telesurgery.

Project Outcomes
The outcome I aim to provide from my research is to develop a strategy to expedite commercialization of focused ultrasound systems for telesurgery as a way to improve patient care.

Describe your experience as an intern.
I have truly loved working as a Foundation intern. Everyone is so welcoming, nice, and caring. Being that I work remotely, one would assume that it would be a little more difficult to get into contact with people at the Foundation. However, that has not been the case at all. Any time that I have had an issue or question, everyone has answered my emails or phone calls immediately with such amazing responses.

What was the most important learning point of your internship experience?
Because I am not in the medical field, learning about new advances in medicine has been a huge learning opportunity for me.

What is piece of advice that you would give 2022 summer interns?
I would say the biggest thing is to set deadlines for yourself and make sure you’re on top of your own work.