2015 Summer Intern: Paige Calodney


Project: Focused ultrasound in a value-based healthcare environment.

Paige2 300Overview & Goal: My goal is to determine the potential impact that focused ultrasound will have in a value-based healthcare environment—the direction of the current healthcare reform.

Results/Findings/Outcome: Historically, cost containment and technological advancement have been inherent trade-offs in the healthcare environment. However, with the fundamental changes currently underway, focused ultrasound has the potential to align these two historically conflicting, societal goals and improve the value of our healthcare system.

“My work at the Focused Ultrasound Foundation breaks all of the stereotypes that surround the typical internship position (e.g., coffee runs, menial tasks, busy work, etc.). As the health policy intern at the Foundation, I have the responsibility to conduct research that will make an impact in their mission to bring this technology to the people who need it. Every day, I wake up motivated by the fact that my work for this organization will make an impact on the wellbeing of society.” – on her experience as a FUSF intern

“I have been able to put the skills that I learned in my Master’s degree program into practice, including scientific research and writing and critical thinking about complex ethical issues. In addition, my work at the Foundation has given me the invaluable opportunity to develop a comprehensive understanding of healthcare reform currently underway in the United States.” – on an important learning point of her internship

“Much uncertainty surrounds the state of the healthcare field, particularly where reform intersects the adoption of new medical technologies. I am able to provide the stakeholders involved in focused ultrasound with an idea of what that intersection might look like over the next few years and provide the reassurance that this technology is undeniably valuable for our healthcare system.” – on how her work will impact the focused ultrasound field