2015 Summer Intern: Madison Stanley


Project: Communications

Madison2 300Overview and Goal: I have been working with the Communications staff to strengthen the Foundation’s media presence and voice. We have been working on a video and a social media project. One of my goals has been to better understand and analyze the Foundation’s social media environment and write a proposal on how the Foundation should move forward in the future.

Results/Findings/Outcomes: I found that the Foundation’s communications staff has already established a great presence in social media and has built a strong foundation from which to grow. The Foundation is already established in the major social media outlets and is engaging well with other users in the promotion and spreading of information.

“Paying attention is a key for communications. Things change and develop rapidly in the social media realm and on the internet in general. One minute a social media site is all the rage, and the next everyone has started using something else. Working in communications is more than applying what you know. It is about continuing to learn and adapt and continuing to find ways to communicate in a more successful way.” –on the most important learning point of her internship

“Hopefully my work will better inform people of and about the Foundation and the technology of focused ultrasound. I hope it will allow the Foundation to more easily engage with new groups and better engage with old ones. My work could also lead to more contributions and excitement about the Foundation and the work it does, which are important for its future.” –on how her accomplishments will impact the field of focused ultrasound