2015 Summer Intern: Eric Ott


Project: Focused Ultrasound Computational Modeling and Simulation

Eric2 300Overview and Goal: I studied various software packages and used that information to develop a variety of simulation setups that can run virtual experiments in the future. The goal of my project was to become acquainted with the complex software environments used for ultrasound simulation.

Results/Findings/Outcomes: When I ed several major simulation environments, many of the results agreed with experimental data collected at the FUS center. I was also able to identify bugs in the software; fixing them could improve the software in the future.

“From the moment I visited the Foundation’s website and read about the work, goal, and visions of the organization, I knew it was a place I wanted to be. I was very interested in learning more about the cutting-edge research being done here, and the Foundation’s attitude toward service and community involvement was also very attractive.” — on why he was interested in working with the Foundation

“The most valuable lesson I learned while working here is the importance of clear and constant communication. My work often required me to correspond with software developers halfway across the globe, and it was initially challenging to translate complex problems or questions into simple, clear email messages.” — on the most important learning point of his internship

“I really enjoyed the lecture series that the foundation put on for the interns; it was awesome to hear from guests and foundation staff and really see how the technology is being put to use in the field. I learned more than I ever thought I would.” – on highlights from his internship