2014 Summer Intern Meredith Lee

Intern Meredith Lee
Two-time FUSF intern Meredith Lee is beginning her junior year at Cornell University.

Project: A comparison of thermal and radiation treatment

Overview & Goal: My project was to create a better comparison of thermal and radiation effects in terms of the biological damage, which is measured as cell survival. I identified and compared the effects of heat and radiation on three different types of cells. In addition, I compared clinical data for FUS and Gamma Knife treatment of essential tremor.

Results/Findings/Outcome: The project was a first attempt to compare radiation and thermal effect and will serve as a launching pad for further experiments. We would like to explore the possibility of combining treatments. Our initial data show that thermal treatments are more precise than radiation.

“I learned a lot about writing an article for publication. The comments from experts in the field were helpful and strengthened the paper because they pointed out issues that reviewers could raise. Learning the process of how to write an article is a valuable skill that I will use in my career.” – on an important learning point of her internship

“Interning with the Foundation has reaffirmed my plans to work in biomedical research. I like being part of an organization with a mission to save lives; this has motivated me to pursue a career where I can make a difference in the lives and health of others.” – on how the internship has affected her career plans

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