2014 Summer Intern Benjamin Sela


Project: MRI temperature and thermal dose mapping

Benjamin Sela joined the Foundation for a 2nd summer before beginning undergraduate studies at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Overview & Goal: We processed MR images of the brain taken during a sonication to determine the temperatures and thermal dosing. My goal was to write a program that would read raw MRI data and use the data to generate temperature maps and a thermal dose map.

Results/Findings/Outcome: The end result was a program that reads MRI data and generates a series of temperature maps for different time points in the sonication. The temperature maps are then used to generate a thermal dose map.

“The most important learning point was an introduction into programming because I had no prior experience writing code. The project forced me to spend time teaching myself to use MATLAB as I progressed through the internship.” – on an important learning point of his internship

“The internship has reaffirmed my already existing interest in bioengineering. I feel more confident in my choice to pursue such a degree when I begin college in the fall.” – on how the internship affected future plans

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