2014 Summer Intern Andrew Kopca


Project: The Focused Ultrasound Foundation’s Entry into China

Intern Andrew Kopca
Andrew Kopca will be a senior at the College of William and Mary.

Overview & Goal: My project this summer was to research and create an educated marketing strategy for the foundation’s entry into China. I researched the Chinese healthcare system, its regulatory system, and the state of FUS technology in that country and then used this information to form a strategy.

Results/Findings/Outcome: I wrote a 27-page report to compile my research and recommendations. The report will help the Foundation make educated decisions about expanding into China. With the right relationships, the Foundation can overcome the language, political, and cultural barriers that exist.

“I am studying Chinese Language and Culture and Marketing at William and Mary and became really interested in the Foundation upon learning about their goals to find opportunities in China. This internship gave me experience in both of my fields of study, and I provided a valuable resource to the foundation in my research.” – on why he was interested in working with the Foundation

“Enlightening. I don’t have a science background, so it was fascinating to learn about the technology and its applications. The internship was engaging: whether it was through a last minute conference call or meeting, or through my research, I was always kept engaged in my work.” – describing his experience as a FUSF intern

“The main take away of my paper is for the Foundation to become a facilitator of research exchange in China. If the foundation can position itself in this way, then it could potentially lead to a more global FUS network. Researchers from the east and the west can look to connect and share their findings and innovations of FUS and move forward for new applications of the technology.”– on how his accomplishments will impact the field of FUS