SonaCare Medical Loses Invaluable Team Member


Rod ChaluisanRod was born August 15, 1959, in Puerto Rico. He studied Political Science at the University of Puerto Rico, Biomedical Engineering at the Instituto Tecnologico de Puerto Rico, and Electrical Engineering at the Universidad Politecnica de Puerto Rico. He first worked as a Senior Service Engineer and Regional Service Manager for a sterilization company based in Puerto Rico, servicing many countries in Latin and South America. He then became a Latin American regional sales director for STERIS in Miami, Florida.

In 2005, Rod answered a USHIFU (now SonaCare Medical) ad for a biomedical engineer with Latin American experience who spoke Spanish. He began working for USHIFU as a Chief Engineer and moved to Charlotte in 2007 when he was promoted to Chief Applications Engineer.

Between the time he joined SonaCare and 2016 – when he became part of the SonaCare Medical technology and development team – Rod was present for thousands of cases and had a hand in training more than several hundred urologists from around the world in the delivery of focused ultrasound ablation for prostate cancer and BPH. As captured in one of his yearly performance reviews, Rod had “…a vast experience, knowledge base, and rapport with customers in the company’s prostate ablation market, device and service businesses. He is practical, honest, actionable, inventive, a great team player, with a ‘can do’ attitude towards problem solving. His clinical experience has proved invaluable for product improvement and new product development.” He was described by his urologists as: “Brilliant and hardworking, he was a master teacher, with a quick wit and a kind soul. He was incredibly patient and always so respectful, with a terrific sense of humor and such a gentle spirit.”

For SonaCare employees and users of SonaCare technology, Rod was the person of last resort for any unsolvable problem or clinical issue. He also was always the “adult in the room” when times were tense. He was instrumental in establishing focused ultrasound ablation of prostate cancer as a treatment of choice among clinicians and their patients. The field is poorer as a result of his loss.