Review Article Recommends FUS as Fibroid Treatment Option


A Clinical Practice Review published in the April 23rd issue of the New England Journal of Medicine by Mayo Clinic Ob/Gyn Elizabeth Stewart, MD, recommends focused ultrasound as an important uterine-conserving treatment that should be an option for women with symptomatic uterine fibroids. We announced its publication on April 30, and it was also featured on the Harvard Health Blog.

The article emphasizes that despite the high prevalence of fibroids (exceeding 80% among black women and nearly 70% of white women), there are few randomized trials to guide treatment decisions. While concern has been raised regarding overuse of hysterectomies — which account for nearly three quarters of all fibroid procedures – the article discusses several alternatives for women who want to retain their uterus and do not want to undergo the potential complications and recovery time associated with surgery.

The Foundation emphasizes that focused ultrasound is included in the article as a treatment option and calls on payers to reimburse for the treatment, building on the recent Ontario report. READ THE PRESS RELEASE >