Research Update: Real-time 3D MR Thermometry


portrait meyer.craig_sm

A recently completed Foundation-funded research project has resulted in the filing of a new US Patent Application.

Craig Meyer, PhD, Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Radiology at the University of Virginia ed and developed a new 3D thermometry method to improve focused ultrasound treatment monitoring and visualization. The group, which includes collaborators Max Wintermark, MD, and Kim Butts Pauly, PhD, was interested in developing faster imaging and real-time image reconstruction software improvements that decrease blurring and “movement” of the hot spot that forms during ablative treatments.

UVA research associates Sam Fielden and Xue Feng and (former) PhD student Li Zhao took the lead on several aspects of the multi-step project. Prof. Wilson Miller of Radiology and the scientists from the Foundation helped with some of the experiments. UVA neurosurgeon Dr. Jeff Elias provided essential advice and motivation.

Follow-on funding was obtained from the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) and the UVA-Coulter Translational Research Partnership to further evaluate the method in vivo. Radiology resident Matthew Geeslin, MD, and neurosurgeons Robert Dallapiazza, MD, and Zhiyuan Xu, MD, were instrumental to this part of the work.

“When combined with surface coil or head coil reception, the combined method should meet or exceed all of the desired specifications for treatment monitoring,” said Dr. Meyer. In addition to the patent application, the group has presented their study results at five international meetings. READ THE FINAL REPORT >