New FUS Foundation Initiative Will Advance Focused Ultrasound Therapies for Liver and Pancreatic Tumors


New FUS Foundation initiative will advance focused ultrasound therapies for liver and pancreatic tumors

To better support patients’ needs and advance the foundation’s mission of accelerating the development and adoption of clinical indications, the FUS Foundation is transitioning the work of its Focal Drug Delivery Program to two other initiatives.

First is the newly created Liver/Pancreas Program, which will concentrate on advancing focused ultrasound therapies for two of the most deadly, prevalent and difficult to treat cancers. The Liver/Pancreas Program will build upon the work done by participants of the foundation’s 2010 Targeted Drug Delivery Core Stakeholders Meeting and the March 2011 Focal Drug Delivery Workshop. The program will continue working in collaboration with the medical community to develop liver and pancreatic applications.

Second is the Brain Program, which will oversee research related to focal drug delivery and blood brain barrier opening in glioblastoma multiforma and other brain tumors.