Merkin Fellow Attends IEEE Ultrasound Symposium


The 2015 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) International Ultrasonics Symposium was held at the Taipei International Convention Center October 21-24 in Taiwan.

IEEE CainThe Foundation’s Richard Merkin Visiting Fellow, Dong-guk Paeng, PhD, attended the symposium’s focused ultrasound sessions. The meeting features scientific presentations in biomedical ultrasound transducers, electronic systems, acoustics, signal and image processing techniques.

Therapeutic ultrasound found a large role at this technical meeting, as many FUS researchers from North America, Europe, and Asia attended and presented their work

Notable presentations included:

  • A short lecture in ultrasonic mechanisms, methods, and applications by physicist Kullervo Hynynen, PhD, from Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto.
  • A clinical session on ultrasound-guided FUS by radiologist Jae Young Lee, MD from Seoul National University Hospital in Korea.
  • Sessions devoted to the brain applications of FUS, including neurostimulation, blood-brain barrier (BBB) opening, histotripsy, therapy transducers, ultrasound-mediated agent delivery, bioeffects and dosimetry, and treatment monitoring.
  • Elisa Konofagou’s group from Columbia University presented several FUS applications in BBB opening.
  • Charles Cain’s group from the University of Michigan and the CIMU group from the University of Washington gave several talks on histotripsy.
  • The exhibit area included displays from several Asian FUS companies, including the Acoustic Life Science Company and Apex from China; S-Sharp and Broadsound from Taiwan; and Alpinion from Korea. Instrument-wise, Alpinion, Imasonic, and Sonic Concepts exhibited their products.