Meeting Report: B3DD Summit


B3DD logoScientists, clinicians, and industry leaders interested in addressing the translational challenges for effective and safe drug delivery (DD) of central nervous system (CNS) agents across the blood-brain barrier (BBB) met in Boston August 13-15 for the inaugural B3DD Summit.

Organized by Hanson Wade, Ltd., B3DD placed an emphasis on delivering biologics to the brain and spinal cord and featured speakers from Biogen, Genentech, and Armagen & Denali, among others. Industry stakeholders were invited to develop new partnerships and build on existing relationships with the ultimate goal of accelerating the field.

The meeting featured more than 21 invited speakers, predominantly industry representatives and researchers. Talks addressed preclinical research in a wide variety of diseases from brain tumors to neurodegenerative disorders.

“It was encouraging that many meeting attendees were interested in learning more about focused ultrasound’s potential to open the BBB,” said Suzanne LeBlang, MD, the Foundation’s Director of Clinical Relationships. “There have been important clinical studies working toward understanding focused ultrasound’s potential to deliver therapeutics into the brain in higher concentrations. The opportunity to build relationships with some of the leaders in pharmacology will allow us to continue these conversations about future intersections between focused ultrasound and therapeutics.”

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