Meeting Report: American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) 2021


Key Points

  • AAPM’s 63rd Annual Meeting and Exhibition took place virtually July 25-29 with the theme “Creative Science. Advancing Medicine.”
  • Focused ultrasound-related sessions addressed neurorestoration, neuromodulation, and mechanical tissue destruction.

AM2021 Banner Mobile FinalThe American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) 63rd Annual Meeting and Exhibition took place virtually July 25-29. This year’s theme was “Creative Science. Advancing Medicine.”

Elisa Konofagou, PhD, presented the Carson-Zagzebski Distinguished Lectureship on Medical Ultrasound. Dr. Konofagou’s presentation, “Ultrasound-based Neurotherapeutics and Imaging of Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer,” described various mechanisms of focused ultrasound, including inducing neurorestoration through protein and gene delivery across the blood-brain barrier and neuromodulation of the brain and peripheral nerves.

A session titled, “Mechanical Tissue Disruption with Focused Ultrasound,” was moderated by Allison Payne, PhD. The content presenters were Tatiana Khoklova, PhD, Adam Maxwell, PhD, and Ken Bader, PhD, who presented their work in the abstracts listed below (PDF link available for some):

“The Foundation was excited to sponsor the recent AAPM meeting in support of medical physicists learning about and beginning to integrate ultrasound technology into the healthcare armamentarium,” said the Foundation’s Director of Extramural Research, Matt Eames, PhD. “Medical physicists play a crucial role in the delivery of other therapies, and our hope is that they embrace focused ultrasound to facilitate and accelerate clinical adoption.”

These sessions and more can be further accessed on AAPM’s meeting website.