Meet Sivi: Essential Tremor Patient Steady Seven Years after Focused Ultrasound


Sivis PhotoHis neurosurgeons prescribed medications to help, but Sivi found that the side effects were too great.

“I felt like the medication slowed my thought process, and it made me like a zombie. So I stopped taking it and searched for a better treatment option.”

In 2010, he reached out to Dr. Daniel Jeanmonod in Zurich, Switzerland, who was pioneering focused ultrasound therapy in the brain. The novel technology had an interesting tie with Sivi’s professional life.

“I spent my career as CEO of an inspection company in Dubai, and we used ultrasonic inspection at the engineering sites. When I found out that this therapy was using high-intensity focused ultrasound waves, then it was not scary for me because I was familiar with ultrasonic systems.”

In 2012, Sivi traveled to Switzerland for his assessment with Dr. Jeanmonod. Soon, he received a call notifying him that he was a good candidate for focused ultrasound therapy.

Sivi received focused ultrasound therapy to treat his essential tremor on the right side of his body early the next year.

“The treatment itself was not easy. I found it hard to be immobile in the MR machine, and I felt some pain associated with the sonications toward the end of the treatment. In all, it took about five hours, but when I came out of the machine, my hand was still for the first time in nearly 40 years.”

Now, nearly seven years later, Sivi’s right hand remains steady. He still suffers from tremors on his left side but wants to wait until there is more research on bilateral treatments before he’d be willing to have focused ultrasound on the other side of his brain.

But overall, he considers the treatment to be an overwhelming success.
“Before the treatment, my whole focus was on my hands. Now, I don’t have that worry. I have no words for it. It’s like getting a second birth.”

Today, Sivi travels frequently, working as a consultant. He also is passionate about exercise.

“I like meeting people. I like exploring new countries. I do yoga and workout often. And I am able to do all of that now easily and without feeling embarrassed because of focused ultrasound. I am so thankful.”

Sivi shares his story in hopes of helping others benefit from his experience.

“If anyone is suffering with essential tremor and would like to speak with someone who has gone through the procedure, please reach out. I share my story openly in hopes that someone can benefit from my experience.”

If you would like to reach out to Sivi, please contact, and we will pass along your request.