Medical Device Innovator Dean Kamen Joins Foundation Council


Dean Kamen, an inventor, entrepreneur, philanthropist and advocate for science and technology, has joined the Foundation Council. As a keynote speaker during the Foundation’s 3rdInternational Symposium in October 2012, Kamen described focused ultrasound as “an amazing technology” and stressed the importance of advocacy in moving the field forward.

Kamen began his career by creating the first wearable infusion pump and launching a company, AutoSyringe, to manufacture and market the device. He later founded DEKA Research & Development Corporation which develops its own inventions and provides research and development for major corporate clients. Examples of technologies developed by DEKA include the HomeChoice™ portable dialysis machine, the iBOT™ Mobility System, the Segway™ Human Transporter, a DARPA-funded robotic arm, a new and improved Stirling engine, and the Slingshot water purifier.

One of Kamen’s proudest accomplishments is the founding of FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), an organization that motivates six to 18-year olds to understand, use and enjoy science and technology.  Founded in 1989, FIRST now has more than 300,000 participants in over 60 countries. Its high-school-aged participants are eligible to apply for more than $15 million in scholarships from leading colleges, universities and corporations.