Medical Device Innovation Consortium (MDIC) Seeks Input on White Paper


April 2, 2020 is the deadline for the public comment period on the Medical Device Innovation Consortium’s (MDIC) white paper: “Maximizing Patient Input in the Design and Development of Medical Device Clinical Trials,” and the Foundation is encouraging input from our community.

MDIC logoThe Foundation is an active member of MDIC. Our Chief Scientific Officer, Jessica Foley, PhD, serves on the Science of Patient Input Steering Committee and contributed to this white paper.

The document describes how patient-centered medical product trials have the potential to improve the patient experience in clinical trials, accelerate accrual, improve retention, improve data quality, and assure that the trials themselves are focused on the outcomes that matter most to patients. As device manufacturers pursue patient engagement activities, they need more specific information on how best to engage patients to collect and employ patient perspectives across the medical device lifecycle. Therefore, the white paper also includes methodologies to maximize patient participation in medical device clinical trials. It should be a useful resource for researchers, regulators, clinicians, and patients.

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