London Hospital Initiating Brain Trials, Pioneering Drug Delivery


Wladyslaw Gedroyc Leading Innovation

St. Mary’s Hospital in London will soon have the first focused ultrasound brain system in the UK. Leading radiologist Wladyslaw (Wady) Gedroyc recently secured funding from the Imperial College Hospital Charity for the Insightec ExAblate Neuro system.

Gedroyc 250While they have approval for an essential tremor trial beginning later this year, Dr. Gedroyc is also pioneering new applications of the technology. A three-year, £1.25 million research grant enabled him and his team to develop a new theronostic (therapy and diagnostic) approach using focused ultrasound to direct drugs to tumors and boost their concentration for delivery. They are also in the process of patenting two new drugs and are working with Global Acorn to raise capital to commercialize the agents.

“We are impressed that Wady has leveraged his grant-funded research into a truly innovative drug delivery method that has attracted a venture partner,” says Foundation Chairman Neal F. Kassell, MD. “Effective commercialization of discoveries like these is critical to widespread adoption of the technology, and we wish him great success.”

Dr. Gedroyc has been a champion of focused ultrasound for 16 years. He has treated more than 600 patients, mostly women with uterine fibroids, at St. Mary’s. The center now treats about one uterine fibroid patient per week, and they are continuing to explore other uses of the technology.

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