Last Night’s Fibroid Relief Event in Houston Sparks Strong Interest in MR-guided Focused Ultrasound


Tracey Daniels of the FUS Foundation’s patient support organization, Fibroid Relief, reports that the April 27 Fibroid Relief event in Houston was a great success. She notes a few highlights:

  • 180 attendees
  • A stellar panel of physicians 
  • Busy exhibit booths from St. Luke’s Episcopal, Methodist Hospital, InSightec and Abbott Laboratories (all sponsors) 
  • A lengthy question and answer session with an inquisitive and receptive audience 
  • Many enthusiastic and gracious comments from the attendees to Fibroid Relief staff at the end of the event
  • Definitely a strong interest in focused ultrasound therapy… many women crowded the Methodist Hospital booth at the end of the night seeking information about the clinical trial it is conducting. 

The event marked the first time that Fibroid Relief worked in partnership with two focused ultrasound centers, each of which is using a different device to noninvasively treat uterine fibroids. The Methodist Hospital is performing treatments with the FDA-approved InSightec ExAblate System; St. Luke’s is a clinical trial site for the Philips Sonalleve System.