Jane Metcalfe Joins Foundation Council


Jane MetcalfeThe Foundation is pleased to welcome Jane Metcalfe, founder and CEO of NEO.LIFE, to its Council, a group of passionate individuals who collaborate with the Board of Directors and Foundation staff to help build awareness and raise funds for focused ultrasound.

In addition to launching NEO.LIFE – a media and events company “tracking the radical changes taking place in humans as we harness the tools of engineering and computer science to alter our own biology” – Jane was cofounder (along with her partner Louis Rossetto) and former president of WIRED, the monthly magazine focusing on how emerging technologies affect culture, the economy, and politics. WIRED businesses include the magazine (US, UK, and Japanese editions), a suite of internet sites (including HotBot and WebMonkey), books, and television.

Jane is also the co-editor of a new book, NEO.LIFE: 25 Visions for the Future of Our Species, featuring scientists, investors, artists, and science fiction writers on the topic of the “neobiological revolution,” a phrase she coined to describe the extraordinary discoveries and inventions that are transforming our bodies, our minds, our food, our economy, and our ecosystems.

Her past and present board seats and advisory roles include The Human Vaccine Project; the Berggruen Institute for Transformation of the Human; The Stone Research Foundation; UC Berkeley Foundation; the UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive; One Economy; Expressions Center for New Media; Wired Ventures, Inc.; TCHO Ventures, Inc.; and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

“I am delighted to be joining the Council because focused ultrasound technology is so promising for treating patients noninvasively and cost effectively,” said Jane. “It’s exciting to see how much research activity there is around the world and I look forward to joining Dr. Kassell and the other members of the Council to support the effort.”

See NEO.LIFE’s recently published article about focused ultrasound and the Foundation.