Insightec Establishes Brain State Initiative to Promote Alzheimer’s Disease Research in Florida


Key Points

  • Insightec recently held an event to launch a program dedicated to advancing Alzheimer’s research in Florida using the Exablate device.
  • The initiative will create a network of providers to advance novel therapies and understanding of neurologic diseases.
  • The Foundation’s Director of Clinical Relationships participated in the meeting.
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On Wednesday, March 2, Insightec hosted the inaugural Florida Brain State Initiative event to launch a unique program for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) research using the Exablate Neuro focused ultrasound platform.

According to the Florida Department of Elder Affairs, the state has the second highest incidence of AD in the country with approximately 580,000 estimated patients over the age of 65. The organization’s Alzheimer’s Disease Advisory Committee published their 2021 annual report, which included their recommendation to support a public-private partnership between Insightec and three leading hospitals and affiliated academic healthcare systems to advance innovative research for AD.

The half-day event featured two panel discussions on the state of focused ultrasound research in the brain and the next generation of focused ultrasound therapeutics. Attendees learned the state of research to date using the Insightec device to disrupt the blood-brain barrier in hopes of enhancing the delivery of therapeutics into the brain.

Representatives from Insightec and the state of Florida were joined by leading medical centers, such as Florida Atlantic University, Delray Medical Center, Broward Health, the University of Florida, Baptist Health South Florida, and Florida International University.

The Foundation’s Director of Clinical Relationships, Suzanne LeBlang, MD, also attended the event and provided an overview of the Foundation’s activities and support ongoing Alzheimer’s research.

“By supporting the Brain State Program, the Florida legislature recognizes the critical need to advance the treatment and care of patients with AD,” said Dr. LeBlang. “This unique partnership will expedite clinical research to evaluate the ability of the Insightec platform to enhance drug delivery in patients with AD. There was tremendous excitement in the room as the Insightec team shared the potential of the Exablate device, and expert clinicians and representatives from academic institutions discussed how and why their centers are enthusiastic about collaborating.”