FUSF Funds Targeted Drug Delivery Research Project


“Creation and Validation of a Clinically‐relevant Ultrasound‐enhanced Drug Delivery Strategy”

Katherine W. Ferrara, Ph.D., University of California, Davis

Summary: The primary purpose of this study is to determine the exact protocol for maximizing ultrasound-enhanced accumulation of drug in tumor and surrounding tissue. The study will use a system which precisely quantifies full-body drug biodistribution to measure drug accumulation enhancement in relation to low-mechanical index ultrasound.  A separate system will precisely control the ultrasound parameters and the resulting heating. These methods will be combined to optimize the ultrasound dose, measure accumulation and distribution of drug, and to assess efficacy.  This in-vivo study will utilize liposomal cisplatin and PET imaging. The award is for $100,000, to commence Q2 2009.  

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