FUS for Advanced Prostate Cancer is Featured in Newly-published Paper by Lili Chen, PhD


FUS Foundation Research Awardrecipient Lili Chen, PhD has published a second paper related to her preclinical studies of focused ultrasound’s ability to enhance the delivery of chemotherapy to advanced prostate tumors. Entitled, “MR-guided pulsed high intensity focused ultrasound enhancement of docetaxel combined with radiotherapy for prostate cancer treatment,” the paper appears in the January 21, 2012, issue (Vol. 57, No. 2) of Physics in Medicine and Biology. Chen, who is an associate professor and medical physicist in the Radiation Oncology Department of Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, published her first paper in the November 2010 issue of that same journal.

The newly-published study investigated the use of pulsed focused ultrasound, radiotherapy and a routinely used cancer drug, docetaxel, in inhibiting prostate tumor growth. It found that the most significant tumor inhibition was achieved when the three therapies were used in combination.  Chen’s co-authors were Zhaomei Mu, Charlie Ma, Xiaoming Chen, Duscia Cvetkovic and Alan Pollack.

“We congratulate Lili and her colleagues on the publication of this paper,” says FUS Foundation Director of Research and Fellowship Programs Hannah Edelen, JD. “A key goal of the Research Awards Program is to expand the body of peer-reviewed literature available to the entire focused ultrasound community. Having multiple papers published from one Research Award is a wonderful accomplishment.” 

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