Founding FUSF Donor Joins Warren Buffett's Leadership Team


The FUS Foundation extends its warmest congratulations to Ted Weschler, a Charlottesville-based entrepreneur and hedge fund manager hired this month by Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Weschler will be among the handful of money managers leading the firm when its current chief investment officer, Warren Buffett, retires.

Weschler, 50, is known for going the distance – he is a marathon runner and an extraordinarily successful long-term investor. He has also been a long-term supporter of the FUS Foundation. As the Foundation’s Chairman Neal Kassell, MD explains, “Ted Weschler really jump-started the FUS Foundation. I went to him to present the concept back in 2004, and he quickly became our first donor.”

Kassell adds, “We are truly excited for Ted and are appreciative of his encouragement and support. We look forward to our continued relationship with him as this next chapter of his career unfolds.”