Foundation’s Board of Directors Salutes David Heller


Kobi Vortman, PhD:

“In Honor to David I would like to add my impressions from interacting with David. David had a very unique approach to analyzing problems and building a logical concept to contain and resolve issues. When we first met and I had the honor to give him a briefing on MR guided focused ultrasound it was my first experience with the way David functioned: at some point in time he decided that MRgFUS makes sense and could help sick people, then he turned his attention to what could accelerate the transformation of this technology from vision to lab and to the patient bedside. It started with the FUSF but didn’t stop there. What was unique to David is his willingness to get involved and push the barriers personally to shorten time.

I learned to avoid mentioning how long a regulatory process takes because he became so frustrated with it and all from trying to bring therapy to people in need.

As anyone who had the honor to work with him I have experienced his integrity which was second to none and brought him to state his views even if he knew that people will be annoyed.

All of us will miss a very unique and talented person that drove many others to get the most out of themselves.”


Eugene Fife:

“I doubt that the Focused Ultrasound Foundation would exist if not for the encouragement and financial assistance of David and Diane. David was someone who got things done and often against long odds. He made a difference in many lives and certainly impressed me as a person who would stand up for his beliefs. Far from a spectator, David was an active participant in this crazy game called life. And while the rest of us have certainly benefitted – the real measure of his contributions will go the future generations of patients, far and wide who will be using the focused ultrasound technologies the FUS Foundation champions.  We will miss him.”


Daniel P. Jordan, PhD:

“This is sad news to those who knew David. He deeply believed in the Foundation’s cause and was both unwavering and generous in his support. In his case, his philanthropy matched his huge convictions.”

Dorothy Batten:

“It is important that we recognize the fact that David was the Foundation’s first and most generous champion. So very sad that we have lost such a loyal and dedicated board member.”


S. Morry Blumenfeld, PhD:

“This is truly sad news.  He will be missed by all.”


Andrew von Eschenbach, MD:

“This is a deep personal loss for members of the Foundation that benefited from David’s wisdom and generous spirit. I did not know him well, but his passionate commitment to making a difference in other people’s lives was an inspiration to all of us. My condolences to his family.” 


Written by Ellen C., McKenna