Foundation’s Unique Partnership Showcased

BIRD group
Foundation Chairman Dr. Neal F. Kassell, flanked by leaders from the government, chamber of commerce, and BIRD Foundation

The Foundation’s chairman, Dr. Neal F. Kassell, delivered the keynote speech at the BIRD (United States-Israel Binational Industry Research & Development) Foundation’s Reception at the United States Chamber of Commerce on June 25. Addressing a room of decision makers from Washington and Israel, Kassell shared the story of focused ultrasound technology in neuroscience and next steps for essential tremor research.

The BIRD Foundation supports research and development cooperation between organizations in Israel and the US. In September 2013, they initiated a unique public-philanthropy-industry collaboration with InSightec and the Focused Ultrasound Foundation (FUSF) to accelerate research by supporting the US pivotal trial for focused ultrasound to treat essential tremor.

Kassell at_BIRD“The Foundation strives to rapidly advance new treatments for patients with unmet medical needs,” explained Dr. Kassell. “Our relationship with the BIRD Foundation and InSightec is a model for how global support and collaboration can fuel progress.” The event generated tremendous interest and has already resulted in the opportunity to reach the business community across the country through the Chamber Foundation’s Innovation Initiative.