Foundation Staff Participates in Awareness Initiatives


June marks both Cancer Immunotherapy Month and Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month. To celebrate, the Foundation team helped raise awareness for these initatives, which are currently at the forefront of focused ultrasound research. 

Wear White Group Photo with taglineFor the third year, the Foundation staff took part in the Cancer Research Institute’s (CRI) #WearWhite campaign on June 16 to show support for cancer immunotherapy research. Pre-clinical studies have indicated that focused ultrasound has a potential role in enhancing cancer immunotherapy, and its impact could change the future of cancer treatment.

The CRI’s reason for choosing white is threefold: it symbolizes the immune system’s white blood cells which play a key role in eliminating cancer; it represents the white lab coats worn by scientists advancing research; and it stands for immunotherapy’s potential to treat all types of cancer. We shared our photos on social media, helping to spread awareness and support an important Foundation partner.

IMG 9046 croppedThis month is also Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, so the Foundation participated in the Alzheimer Association’s Longest Day initiative on June 21. The campaign is intended to show support for those affected by the neurodegenerative disease by spending the longest day of the year doing what you love. The team also raised money to support Alzheimer’s research.

The Foundation’s wellness program, which helps promote healthy bodies and minds within the workplace, regularly organizes popular, health-oriented activities for the staff.