Foundation Participates in Education and Awareness for Cancer Immunotherapy Month


June is Cancer Immunotherapy Month, and the Foundation is proud to be a part of the emerging field of focused ultrasound for immune-based treatment of cancer, including funding the development of potentially powerful combination approaches. Research is mounting to suggest that focused ultrasound can elicit an immune response, priming the immune system to increase the efficacy of immuno-oncology drugs.

Wear White 400 1To recognize the importance of immunotherapy in the fight against cancer, we are joining our partners at the Cancer Research Institute in awareness campaigns throughout the month of June. On June 11, chief scientific officer Jessica Foley participated in a Twitter Chat called “Cancer Immunotherapy Insights from ASCO,” moderated by Sharon Begley, senior science writer at STAT.

On June 14, the Foundation team will participate in Wear White Day, a social media campaign to increase awareness about the importance of immunotherapy in the fight against cancer. According to the Cancer Research Institute, “We wear white for a future immune to cancer. We invite you to help raise awareness about the lifesaving potential of immunotherapy on this day. By wearing white together, we are standing for science and the search for immune-based cures.”