Foundation Launches New FUS Partners Program


This month the Foundation launched FUS Partners, a new program aimed at fostering relationships among focused ultrasound community members seeking assistance with FUS-related activities including: financing, partnerships, technology transfer and/or academic research opportunities. The program aims to systematize and formalize activities in which the Foundation has already been engaging – on an increasingly ad hoc basis – related to connecting the focused ultrasound start-up community with investors and collaborators around the world.

handshake“We are at the beginning of the inflection point of the adoption curve for focused ultrasound,” says Foundation Chairman Neal F. Kassell, MD. “For this technology to continue transitioning from research to commercial activity and mainstream use, four crucial needs must be met: evidence/research, increased awareness, collaboration among stakeholders within the FUS community, and – importantly – hundreds of millions of dollars in capital. We expect FUS Partners to help us achieve these unmet needs at an accelerated pace, catapulting the field of focused ultrasound to a new level.”

The primary goals of FUS Partners include: producing a quantum change in the rate of FUS adoption as a mainstream standard of care; growing and rationalizing the device manufacturers segment of the FUS community by providing capital and expertise and facilitating the consolidation of the industry; and supplementing the philanthropic funding stream of support for the Foundation.

Services provided by FUS Partners include: understanding the current landscape of manufacturers and investors; connecting manufacturers with both investors and other manufacturers; connecting academic research laboratories with manufacturers; and assisting with due diligence.

“FUS Partners is a logical extension of the Foundation’s activities and success to date,” adds Emily White, MD, Managing Director of the program. “The Foundation brings to the table its brand and reputation as a trusted and independent unbiased third party; its knowledge base, information and data; its network and community based on strong stakeholder relationships; its organization including the team, board of directors, council and donors; and, its ability to connect, convene and influence stakeholders – making FUS Partners well-positioned to alter the trajectory of the FUS adoption path and get us closer to achieving our Foundation goal of decreasing death, disability and suffering.”

FUS Partners does not make investments or provide investment advice and does not serve as a broker or otherwise receive any compensation for services. Parties to successful transactions will, however, be solicited for donations to the Foundation as a way to grow the field and de-risk investment.

For more information about FUS Partners, please contact Director of Operations, Emily White, MD, at