Foundation Creates a Presence in Washington, DC


Foley Jessica smChief Scientific Officer, Jessica Foley, PhD, is now serving as the Foundation’s full-time presence in Washington, DC.

Dr. Foley continues to guide the strategy, development, and implementation of scientific and research programs and activities within the Foundation. In her expanded role leading advocacy and government relations initiatives, she is also building partnerships with government agencies, local trade organizations, advocacy groups, consultants, and disease-specific foundations. Her location in Washington, DC now provides a great resource for the focused ultrasound community based in or traveling through the DC area to connect with the Foundation and our partners.

Also, acting on the Foundation’s role as an unbiased third party, Dr. Foley is available to support you at any meetings where such a perspective would be a benefit, including the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

“Please reach out if you are planning to be in the DC area,” says Dr. Foley. “I would be happy to meet with you and support you however possible. In addition, please share any local conferences or symposia that you think may be of relevance for the Foundation to attend or sponsor.”

Dr. Foley is available for meetings in downtown DC. For appointments, call 202.886.5300 or email